Big Brain Academy comes to Wii

Nintendo let some small tidbits of info slip today on the upcoming Wii version of Big Brain Academy... and while they haven't officially announced a release date, we believe it will be released during the expansive "launch window" for Wii (sometime between the launch date of November 19 and the end of the year, December 31). We've got one screen and few scant details in the meantime.

Taking full advantage of the crazy Nunchuk controller, Big Brain Academy (that name is not yet finalized) will enable you to engage in mind expanding and enriching exercises... similar to the DS version, only on your TV and with significantly more waving your arms around like a monkey. You'll also be able to challenge your friends (or even team up with them) in a split-screen two-player showdown that Nintendo assures us will "allow people of any age to play together."

We're not sure if or how this version of Big Brain Academy will work with the DS edition; sinec they're both Wi-Fi devices,they might interact, but Nintendo's not talking yet. Stick around -we'll educate ourselves and report what we learn.

September 14, 2006