Bethesda on that other, cancelled version of Prey: "It didn’t work, and it didn’t happen."

The upcoming Arkane-developed Prey is very, very different from the Prey 2 that we were teased with in 2012. While publisher Bethesda has said that the old version of Prey simply didn't live up to expectations, studio spokesman Pete Hines recently directly addressed some of the nastier rumors regarding the game's cancellation and subsequent resurrection; namely that Bethesda purposefully interfered with its development so it could acquire Human Head.

"Utter nonsense," Hines said in an interview with Metro UK. "We don’t have any real predilection towards acquiring somebody or not. We haven’t acquired anybody, that I can remember, in the last five or how many years. I think Tango [Gameworks] was the last acquisition. It’s not like we’re on some acquisition tear."

"We work with third party folks, like with The Elder Scrolls: Legends, like with Quake Champions. We have a perfectly good third party relationship with them. We’re gonna make the game, we’re not acquiring them, we haven’t failed milestones," Hines continued. "Again, it boils down to one thing and one thing only: we’re in the business of making games and we’re only going to put out and make games that we think raise to a certain level of quality."

Hines re-enforced that quality was the reason the Human Head version of Prey 2 didn't work out. "The game didn’t turn out like we wanted. It didn’t work, and it didn’t happen," he said. But if that's got you worried about the new Prey, Hines would like to direct your attention to this year's Doom. People should remember, Hines insisted, that Doom 4 was also going to be a very different game before it was cancelled and brought back with a new vision.

And hey, just look how that turned out.

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