Best of CES 2023: all the gaming tech you need to know about

best of CES 2023
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CES 2023 is entering its final few days, and with all the latest tech unfolding right before our very eyes there's plenty to sink your teeth into. We've been through everything this year's event could possibly throw at your gaming setup and found our top picks from the class of 23. From wireless TVs to beastly 18-inch gaming laptops, CES has come back with a bang after a few quiet years. Brands like Alienware, MSI, Razer, and Asus have been bringing their A-game to Vegas this past week, and you'll find all the biggest wins just below. 

Best gaming laptop - Alienware x16

Alienware x16

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CES 2023 truly was the year of the expanding laptop, with a range of brands adding 16- and 18-inch models to their arsenals. However, with its RTX 4090 capabilities, six speaker array, and luxury design, the Alienware x16 is our favorite gaming laptop on the showfloor this year. The x16 sits between the existing x17 and x15 R2 models, but doesn't pack quite the footprint of previous 16-inch machines thanks to that extra real estate.

A 16:10 QHD+ screen is capable of spitting out your games in buttery smooth 240Hz, and that aforementioned six-speaker array includes two upfiring tweeters, a dual-woofer, and Dolby Atmos certification across all configurations as well. Add Intel's 13th generation processors and there's some serious power under the hood here. 

However, it wouldn't be Alienware without a flash of pizazz. The x16 also brings the RGB touchpad introduced in previous x-series entries back to the shelves. Not only is this precision touchpad 15% larger than that of the 17.3-inch model, but with AlienFX RGB underneath there's plenty to customize. 

Dell is launching its high-end (Intel and Nvidia) configurations of the Alienware x16 in Q1 2023 at $3,099, before launching more entry level models later on - starting at $2,149.99.  

Best gaming PC - MSI MEG Trident X2

MSI MEG Trident X2

(Image credit: MSI)

The MSI MEG Trident X2 gaming PC will certainly stand out on the shelf. A strip of RGB lighting splits two sections of the main rig, with sharp angular lines keeping things slick. That power continues under the hood, with Intel i9-13900K/KF and Intel i7-13700K/KF CPU options, Nvidia RTX 40-Series GPUs up to RTX 4090, and up to 128GB DDR5 RAM inside. Keeping all those components running smoothly is a Silent Storm Cooling 3 system. 

That's a lot of power, but it won't immediately draw your eye to the Trident X2. That's  the job of the exclusive HMI 2.0 display. The 4.5-inch touchscreen allows users to monitor system status and change performance settings straight from the desktop itself. The interface also allows for additional control over MSI gaming monitor features like Smart Crosshair, Optix Scope, and Night Vision. 

Best gaming monitor - Samsung Odyssey OLED G9

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is being touted as the world's first gaming monitor with a dual ultra-high definiteion resolution, all complete with an OLED display panel and Samsung's classic 1000R curvature. That's a serious piece of kit, stretching 57-inches and offering a 7,680x2,160 resolution across a 32:9 aspect ratio panel. All of that comes with a new DisplayPort 2.1 port for double the transfer speed as well as lossless compression to boot. Packing all that into a 240Hz refresh rate display puts the 2023 G9 firmly in our dream setup. 

Of course, this is going to be a pricey affair, but considering the Odyssey Neo G9 is offering so many firsts in one round package, it just pinches the top spot for this year's show. 

Best TV - LG M3 OLED


(Image credit: LG)

Wireless technology is quickly taking over, but TVs have already remained steadfast in their messes of cables. The LG M3 OLED TV looks to change all that, offering a massive 97-inch screen with the ability to wirelessly display 4K 120Hz video content. All the devices previously cluttering your HDMI outlets are simply plugged into an external box which then casts to the TV itself. This isn't a new design - we've seen the odd streaming box use similar methods to achieve lower quality results in the past. However, the M3 is the best implementation of such wireless connections yet, offering up to 30ft of distance between itself and the LG Zero Connect box and chatter from the showfloor so far reveals a sturdy connection to boot. 

Again, this is going to be a pricey one - potentially even reaching the lofty heights of 8K-capable displays. As a first step into serious wireless TVs, though, it's an excellent jumping off point. 

Best controller - Asus ROG Raikiri Pro

Asus ROG Raikiri Pro

(Image credit: Asus)

The Asus ROG Raikiri Pro, sporting its own 1.3-inch OLED display, four programmable back buttons, and customizable trigger sensitivities and dead zones, is our top pick for the best controller at CES 2023. There's a classic Asus ROG design running throughout here, keeping things slick with harsh angular lines and a two-tone aesthetic, with a circular d-pad that we haven't seen too much of before. That's not the only new feature - the aforementioned OLED display isn't something you see everyday. 

The panel can be used for a custom image, or to display the status of your gamepad and switch profiles. On top of that, you're getting everything you would expect from a pro controller; customizable thumbstick response, four programmable back paddles, and selectable step triggers as well. The PC controller connects via USB-C, 2.4GHz, or Bluetooth, and a wired connection only for Xbox. 

Best gaming mouse - HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2

HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2

(Image credit: HyperX)

CES 2023 wasn't a great show for mice. Very few rodents made their way to the showfloor this year, but from the smaller pool on offer, the HyperX Pulsefire Haste 2 shone the brightest. The ultra lightweight gaming mouse sits at just 52g (for a wired device), impressive considering this second generation does away with the honeycomb design of the previous model and you're only parting with $59.99. The wireless model (launching at the same time) does bump that weight up to 60g, but that's still impressive for a pointer costing just $79.99. You'll also find a HyperX 26K sensor underneath, with the brand's own switches under each clicker as well. The Pulsefire Haste 2 will be available in April 2023. 

Best gaming keyboard - Asus ROG Azoth

Asus ROG Azoth

(Image credit: Asus)

We saw a few mainstream gaming brands launching hot-swappable keyboards towards the tail end of last year, but Asus has taken its release to the CES showfloor in 2023. The ROG Azoth isn't just a gaming keyboard with swappable switches, though. This device has been built with many features found in the high-end mechanical keyboard space, but also aims to offer the speeds and additional customization options relied on by players. 

The 75% form factor is built on a gasket mount chassis packed with three layers of sound dampening foam. These features are designed to offer a more robust typing sound, while removing any rattle or ping from the switches themselves or the stabilizers around them, and they rarely make it to gaming setups. On top of all that, you're getting pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches (but should you prefer an even smoother response there's also a starter lubing kit up for grabs). PBT keycaps, an OLED display, and three connection options make this a luxurious piece of kit, and the first of its kind to truly merge the mechanical hobbyist and gaming worlds. 

Best VR headset - HTC Vive XR Elite

HTC Vive XR Elite

(Image credit: HTC)

There's always a new VR headset to try out at CES, and 2023 hasn't disappointed. The HTC Vive XR Elite has been anticipated for a few months now, after rumors starting dropping in late 2022. However, the annual show gave us our first glimpse at HTC's answer to the Meta Quest Pro. Priced beneath the competition at $1,100, the Vive XR Elite offers the same standalone form factor (no need to invest in a gaming rig to get this thing off the ground) with the ability to tether for a juiced up experience. 

The detachable battery pack allows for a far more comfortable set of arms to wear for longer sessions, a feature we haven't seen yet - though one which will require an additional power cable plugged into an outlet. Under the hood, you'll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, 128GB of storage, 12GB RAM, and a 1920 x 10920 per-eye resolution. The HTC Vive XR Elite will launch in March 2023. 

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