The best mummies in video games

I want my mummy

Zombies think theyre so hip these days, starring in popular TV shows and award-winning games. But mummies are so much more interesting when you think about it. They combine the terror of the lurching undead with magic! Think a walking corpse is scary? Imagine if that zombie was also an angry pharaoh that could curse the pants right off you. When that happens, youll know true fear.

And so, now that weve given werewolves and vampires their due, its time to celebrate the third pillar of famous monsters, mummies. Surprisingly, gaming has had more than a few memorable sarcophagus occupants in its time, but many of them were simple common enemies, hardly worthy of this prestigious list. Thats why this chart values personality more than merely being an old corpse in a pyramid. Our list begins with...

10. Greater Mummies (Diablo II)

Our list of mummies is so strong that a greater mummy ends up at number 10. One of the more lethal common enemies in Diablo II, the Greater Mummy controls lesser mummies in battle, but are more than ready to dive into a fight thanks to the scythe attached to his left arm. Also, unlike most of the prudish mummies on this list, Greater Mummy barely wears any wrapping, choosing to let his putrid skin breathe.

9. Grindel (Super Mario 64)

Mario has explored his share of pyramids in his time as a gaming mascot, but he didnt meet his greatest mummified enemy until Super Mario 64. In that games pyramid, he met Grindel, a happy cube that wants nothing more than to crush Mario. Grindel functions similar to franchise regular Thwomp, but we prefer the mummified alternative. His smile is just so inviting.

8. The Immortals (Jet Set Radio Future)

Jet Set Radio had a number of rival gangs, but none were more Egyptian than The Immortals. They hung out in Pharaoh Park, which was home to a replica Sphinx, and they made sure that their shorts and skates matched the theme. Even their spray paint tags were in keeping with their bandage obsession--tags that you could see in the Jet Set level from Sonic & Sega All-Star Racing.

7. Gibdo (The Legend of Zelda)

Redeads are the more famous ghouls in the Zelda universe, but Gibdos have also been a staple of the series since the NES original. The shambling mummies will devour Links life force if he isnt careful, though one well-placed fire arrow burns off their bandages, revealing a Redead. But you might feel bad about killing them once you see how friendly they can be if you meet them wearing a Gibdo Mask in Majoras Mask. Surprisingly talkative!

6. Jack (Power Stone)

Power Stone is a game fondly remembered by Dreamcast owners, and Jack was one of the darker elements of that mostly lighthearted series. Implied to be the Victorian-era killer Jack the Ripper, Jack is a silent sociopath that loves a good stabbing. Admittedly, he's more mummy fanboy than embalmed corpse himself, but we figure his enthusiasm for the dead-then-alive cause elevates him above the real deal.

5. Chuck D. Head (Decap Attack)

We love a good pun, so Chuck D. Head is a-head of the pack (BOOM). Chuck is part of a collection of would-be Genesis mascots and star of Decap Attack, an decent platformer built around a headless mummy fighting other monsters. Though now that we look at him, Chuck has that one loose head and another one in his torso, so Head is two mummies for the price of one. Thats a real value!

4. Cofagurius (Pokemon)

The ancient Egyptian theme is embraced by all the characters on this list, but this Pokemon goes the extra mile by bringing its ceremonial coffin along with him. These guys are such powerful mummies that they dont even need to leave their sarcophagus, and according to the Pokedex, theyve been known to transform their attackers into mummies. Combine that with a love for eating gold, and youve got yourself one strange mummy.

3. Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4)

By Mega Man 4, Capcoms creativity with naming Robot Masters was running a little thin, but Pharaoh Man was one of the stronger additions to the series. He controls an army of Egyptian-inspired robots, and his ability is the Pharaoh Shot, a large, chargeable fireball that you think would be dangerous for a musty mummy to use. And PM has longevity, appearing in multiple Mega Man spin-offs and sequels.

2. Anakaris (Darkstalkers)

Mummies are known for powerful curses and spells, mainly because their 4,000-year-old bodies are pretty frail. Not so with Darkstalkers mainstay Anakaris, a hulking pile of bandages that shames his emaciated mummy brethren. On top of his large muscles, Anarkis also has the to turn his enemies into dinky servants or wrap them up in bandages for a chokeslam, at least momentarily. But that ability is nothing compared to interdimensional travel, which is really thinking outside the box mummy-wise.

1. Amumu, The Sad Mummy (League of Legends)

A relative newcomer to gaming, Amumu gets the top spot because of his versatility. Pretty much every other mummy on this list cant emote in the slightest, but Amumu embraces his sadness and uses it against his enemies. He can spread despair and anger wherever he goes with his powerful curses, but all this amnesiac corpse wants is to make new friends who can help him discover his past. Hes one of the favorites of obsessed League players, but hes lovable enough that even non-LoL obsessives can accept him as the best mummy currently in gaming.

All wrapped up

In our exhaustive ranking of mummies, did we somehow forget one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

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