Exploring the globe with the best locations in the Ghost Recon series

The elite US Army reconnaissance unit Ghost Recon has been quietly saving the world from power-mad dictators and terrorists for over a decade now, with their hardcore training, stealth tactics, and extreme beards. These are some of the best places their adventures have taken them.

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

The Ghosts stop a coup in the capital, but rebellion continues to break out across Mexico, meaning their work in the country is far from over. They travel to the mountains of Ciudad Juárez and assist Mexican loyalists in breaking through rebel lines, eliminating artillery, and destroying weapons caches.

Mexico City, Mexico - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Seeking to unify their countries’ security and combat drug and weapon smuggling, the Canadian and US presidents travel to Mexico City for an historic summit with the Mexican government. But things get complicated when a coup is staged, and the Ghosts are called in to rescue both presidents and help them escape the city in one piece.

El Paso, Texas - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

The Ghosts secure two stolen Ukrainian nukes, but learn that a rebel army is planning an attack on American soil with the third. Before the pinched warhead can be launched at a top secret US facility hidden beneath a dam in El Paso, the squad manage to disable it with a timely EMP strike, saving the country.

Nicaragua, Central America - Ghost Recon Future Soldier

In 2024, a Ghost Recon team call-signed Predator, led by veteran operative Joe Ramirez, is deployed in Nicaragua to disrupt weapons trafficking in the region. But after a dirty bomb (they’re never clean are they?) is detonated during the operation, killing the team, a new group of elite Ghosts is sent to investigate the cause of the explosion and find out who’s responsible.

Cuba, Caribbean - Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Two years after the events of Ghost Recon, Cuba begins the process of ditching communism and embracing democracy. Enter an anti-American political faction called the FDG which has other ideas. The Ghosts pack their cigars and ship out to covertly monitor the group and prevent them from being very naughty communists.

Bolivia, South America - Ghost Recon Wildlands

Bolivia has become increasingly unstable as the Santa Blanca drug cartel gains more power and influence. The country is the world’s largest producer of cocaine, and the power of these cartels is worrying the US. Naturally they send in the Ghosts to get their destroying game on and to root out suspicious links between the drug lords and the corrupt government.

Sucre, Bolivia - Ghost Recon Future Soldier

A new Ghost Recon squad called Hunter is ordered to travel from their base in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to the city of Sucre in Bolivia to rescue an arms dealer named Paez. Rather than make fun of his name (‘who ate all the Paez?’) the team instead gather intel on a filthy bomb. Well, a dirty one, anyway.

Zambia, Africa - Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Here the Ghosts eliminate a local warlord called Dede Macaba, gathering intel in the process which leads eventually to Raven’s Rock, an extreme Russian ultranationalist group. Hands up if you think the Ghosts then track them down and eliminate them.

Eritrea, Africa - Ghost Recon: Desert Siege

Six months after the first game, the Ghosts have been deployed to stop an Ethiopian army colonel called Tesfaye Wolde from invading Eritrea. Part of his scheme involves trading arms with the same separatist group the Ghosts fought in Georgia. Cue much gun battling over oil refinery backdrops.

Latvia, Europe - Ghost Recon

An ongoing battle against Russians and ultranationalist rebels leads the Ghosts to Latvia. Their mission, codenamed Paper Angel, is to infiltrate the country, blow up a bridge crossing the Lubana River, and slow the advance of the enemy. Any origami enthusiasts that turned up left bitterly disappointed. And shot.

Moscow, Russia - Ghost Recon

At the end of the first game, the Ghosts spearhead a NATO assault on the Russian capital. They battle through a strong ultranationalist defence line in the woods on the outskirts of the city before staging an aggressive attack against the rebels, who are holed up in the Kremlin. The final battle takes place in Red Square. It is a bit red by the end, too.

Tbilisi, Georgia - Ghost Recon

A group of separatist rebels attack Georgia and Ghost Recon is sent to intervene. But this angers Russia, who say America’s presence in the country has interfered in their internal affairs. Russia invades Georgia and the Ghosts find themselves battling both Russian forces and the separatists, culminating in a stand-off at the US Embassy in the capital, Tbilisi.

Kazakhstan - Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike

A notorious Afghan arms dealer and terrorist called Asad Rahil assassinates Kazakhstan’s president and security council, throwing the country into chaos. The Ghosts are sent in to capture Rahil and neutralise his military presence. While the UN attacks him directly, the Ghosts use the distraction to infiltrate his compound all sneaky like.

North Korea - Ghost Recon 2

A North Korean general called Jung Chong-sun stages a coup in the country and seizes control of its nuclear arsenal. The Ghosts are sent behind enemy lines to stop Chong-sun, destroying fuel depots to choke his supply line. As he gets more desperate he threatens to launch nukes at several cities to squash dissent, but the Ghosts beat him before he can.

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