Best ever gaming remakes

Sometimes you don't need to remake the entire game. Just re-release an upcoming game's predecessors as an HD remix compilation and watch the sales come pouring in. The God of War games were among the best-looking on PS2 and seeing them in true HD carries their impact through to as-near-as-dammit current-gen level. Any classic game could be given this treatment - let's have some more.

Above: Few current-gen games have God of War 2's sense of scale

Resident Evil

Forget the DS port with the extra first-person zombie slashing sections - it's the Gamecube remake that really made us scream. Sure, the backgrounds are still fixed-perspective (which was a retro nod even then,considering Code Veronica's existence), but the quality of the character models, rejigged combat and vastly enhanced atmosphere make this a survival horror masterpiece. It's available on Wii too, if you feel likekilling zombieswith the power *cough* of motion control.

Above: Stab it in the head. STAB IT IN THE HEAD! Too late...

Perfect Dark

The Xbox Live conversion may be almost a completely straight port, but the upgraded graphics and silky-smooth movement bring this into remake territory. The multiplayer is still a great experience and, while imperfect, the AI behaviour is much more human than a lot of current-gen FPS games. It's just a shame that the completed XBLA version of Goldeneye fell victim to red tape. That would have been amazing.

Above: She's called Joanna Dark and she's the Perfect agent. Geddit?

Conker's Bad Fur Day: Live and Reloaded

"A joy to play, a social-life-threatening venture into the ever-appealing (and for once, original) world of virtual war, and a game bursting with strategic action the like of which is absent from 95% of online Xbox games." That's what we said in 2005 and we were right. Conker was an amazing game on N64, but redoing it with the best console technology available at the time (Xbox) and adding online multiplayer was a masterstroke.

Above: If any one screenshot said 'classic Rare', this is it. Pure quality

Which game would you like to see remade for current-gen consoles?Let us know in the comments.

06 Apr, 2010