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The most creative, delightful things done by the Destiny community

Community Spirit

Few gaming communities are as dedicated to the cause as Destinys (opens in new tab) followers. Over the past year, fans have created thousands upon thousands of tributes to the game, including artwork, cosplay, LEGO models, tattoos, tribute movies and much more besides. There are far too many great pieces of work to list, but here are some highlights from a very talented bunch.

Lego SUROS Regime

Its hard to believe, but Nick Nick Brick Jensen built this incredible SUROS Regime out of Lego bricks. His SUROS Regime replica has a removable magazine, a moving trigger and a light-up ammo counter. So why the SUROS? "Choosing to build SUROS Regime was simple: its my favourite of all the Destiny gun designs. Its smooth design makes all the small details like the vents, sight, and SUROS logo stand out."

To see more check out Nick Jensen's Flickr page here (opens in new tab).

Destiny Mashups

Artist Scott flich74 Eakins mashups of Destiny and famous movie posters really stand out from the crowd of fan artwork. Visit his Etsy shop (opens in new tab) for great prints from Destiny, Borderlands and more.

"One day while at the Tower looking at The Traveler, the idea for an ET mashup just came to me. The Traveler looks similar to the Moon, and loving the movie ET as a kid the pieces just fell into place."

Queen Of The Reef Cosplay

This amazing Queen Of The Reef cosplay comes courtesy of Sandy @sandmuffin Tang of Sandmuffin Makeup, and photographers BriLan Imagery (opens in new tab) and Christopher Chin-Sang (opens in new tab).

"I started playing Destiny when the game first came out, and as a cosplayer Im always looking to do new things. Playing through the story you get to go to the Reef, and finally meet the Queen in the cutscene. I immediately fell in love with her. Her stoic and powerful attitude sealed the deal for me. I remember talking to my fireteam and saying it over and over, 'I am going to cosplay her, I am going to cosplay her!'"

Dads Of Destiny

When it comes to fan creations, nothing gets bigger than the ability to build an entire community of people, but thats exactly what Jason kingpin2 Edwards did when he started Dads of Destiny (opens in new tab). Now into its second year, the site is more than just a place to meet new fireteams: on the Destiny side its host to comics, podcasts and fan fiction, but Dads of Destiny is also a source of parenting tips for new fathers and mothers, and has helped to raise thousands of dollars for charities such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation via weekend-long livestream events.

"When we set out there was a man cave mentality, but now things have branched out: families are involved, and we have groups now for the children or the wives and girlfriends of members. And there are people who arent dads who are in the group, but fit into that idea behind Dads of Destiny because the games such a good fit for people who dont have much time."

Attack On Destiny

Manga and anime sensation Attack On Titan is the inspiration for Attack On Destiny: Vault Of Glass by Vanessa Baumann, who was inspired by the tricky platforming section in Destinys iconic first Raid. Click here (opens in new tab) to see more of Vanessas brilliant work.

Destiny is one of the few games I have that all my friends own. I am privileged to play with some very talented people and wanted to showcase how awesome they are. We really enjoy the time we game together, especially in the Raids and the Crucible, because it has brought my friends closer together and allows us to work cooperatively and competitively. I wanted to thank them for their camaraderie with a fun fan art of our characters together with an Attack on Titan flair.

Lego Shrike

Official Lego designer Mark Stafford mixed business and pleasure when he designed this great Shrike. Check out the official Lego sets hes designed (opens in new tab) and admire more custom projects (opens in new tab).

"Luckily the concept art on the Bungie website was very clear and it only took an hour or two to build the Shrike as its a very small build. Surprisingly though its quite complex as I had to use some unorthodox connections to create the angles needed, and because of this its nowhere near stable enough to be a real Lego set. I love the aesthetics of the Destiny universe and I intend to build more Lego creations based on them (a Sparrow, some spaceships and maybe a Pike) but in my spare time Ive been too busy playing the game!"

I can't go over there!

Freelance artist Tyler Johnson calls this comic strip I Cant Go Over There! and anybody familiar with Destinys AI boundaries should immediately understand the joke. Check out more of his work (opens in new tab) (especially the oh-so-true Thorn cartoon)

"The fact that the enemy AI of Destiny will only pursue the player a certain distance before inexplicably backing off! In thinking of ways to portray this I almost immediately came up with the spider idea. It had to be a Hive Knight because those things are terrifying looking, and the thought of one being afraid of pretty much anything, especially a spider, was pretty funny."

Hawkmoon Replica

Is that is that a real Hawkmoon? Not quite, but Jason Pease, owner of Faltion Prop Works, has surely created the closest thing to one. Admire his other replicas (opens in new tab), including a gorgeous Monte Carlo.

"It was entirely 3D printed on a stereolithography printer, which differs from most consumer 3D printers in that it uses a resin medium and lasers versus the spools of plastic filament youd see on something like a makerbot. I designed the parts from scratch on CAD software since it is what I am most comfortable with in terms of design. There was something like 16 parts on the original Hawkmoon weapon."

Matt is former editor of Official PlayStation Magazine, his favourite games include Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Braid, Shadow Of The Colossus and Puggsy, and when he's not grinding away in Destiny you'll often find him talking about WWE or NFL (go Seahawks!).