Ben Kingsley says he has finished filming second Marvel project

Ben Kingsley more or less stole the show with his turn as The Mandarin in Iron Man 3 , and excitingly, the actor has revealed that he has just finished filming on a second piece of work for Marvel.

Referring to "a secret Marvel project" featuring a number of Iron Man 3 cast members, Kingsley went on to tease, "I'm not allowed to say any more… you're going to have to wait and see."

Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but our money would be on another Marvel One-Shot, picking up with the Mandarin either before or after the events of Iron Man 3 .

Most interesting would be (Spoilers ahead) a story in which we see the recruitment of Trevor Slattery for the job of The Mandarin. Perhaps we could even catch a glimpse of that famous Croydon King Lear!

Just when said One-Shot might appear remains to be seen, but we'd say the Thor: The Dark World Blu-ray might not be a bad bet...

George Wales

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