The beauty of Forza 6's photo mode

Photo Motorsport 6, more like

Forza 6 is beautiful enough when it's in motion during races. But when you let the photo mode work its magic with a few moments of post-processing, the images it produces are out of this world. I already explained how to take pictures like these in Forza 5 last time around, so check that out if you want to know the techniques behind the lens.

Instead, let's just admire these incredible stills. They were all taken by me during my review, except the night one at Spa, which I took this morning. Oh, and while they're reasonably attractive at this resolution, hit the expand button in the top-right to see the original, beautiful, hi-res images. At least that way you won't be able to read the awful puns I've used while naming some of them.

'Bernie's Alps'

You get your money back if that isn't the best F1/Forza joke you hear today.

'The great leveller'

'It felt like I was going to fly out'

A nice, relevant, Paul Tracy quote from 1993 regarding Laguna Seca's famous Corkscrew. His seat belt came undone with 25 laps to go and his concern that he might fall out always comes to my mind first time I reach that famous chicane. AS I'M SURE IT DOES YOURS.

'Life begins at 40'

This car is the hotness. I may have later sprayed it gold. I know that sounds like sacrilege, but honestly it looked incredible.

'I saw sparks'

This picture looks good enough to eat. I actually want to eat it.

'Lotus Be Friends'


'The magic track'

And it had better stay on the F1 calendar.

'Nice day for it'

No, my car is also called 'NART'.

'Not The Face!'

Same moment as earlier, but a little too close for comfort.

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