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Battlestations Midway review

Plane, sailing

So by the time you fight through the whole US campaign to find yourself at the battle of Midway itself, it’s the most entertaining action/strategy game in years. All engines are firing, and it’s full steam ahead. It’s so good, you wish it could go on forever. So what’s next? Nothing’s next. You get to Midway, thinking it’s midway, and it’s not midway at all. It’s the end.

By the time the campaign has introduced you to all the assorted hardware, you’re halfway through it, which leaves all too few missions where you’re actually seeing the game at its best. Replaying at a higher difficulty level is an option, thankfully, and the ability to play any individual mission at whatever setting you like means you don’t have to repeat the more tedious early ones. There are also solo single-vehicle missions, based around planes, ships and subs, but these are the least appealing of the game. (Actually, we’ll have an honorable exception for submarines; while not Silent Hunter, the stealth-assassinations of the subs are perfect solo fare.) After the solo missions, it’s time to turn to skirmish and multiplayer.

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DescriptionWhile the whole World War II thing is fast-growing stale, it's great to see an innovative title like this on the horizon.
PlatformPC, Xbox 360
US censor ratingTeen
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 9 February 2007 (UK)