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Battlestar Galactica 3.15: A Day in the Life review

Original US airdate: 18/2/07

Written by: Mark Verheiden

Directed by: Rod Hardy

Starring: Lucinda Jenney


The One Where: Tyrol and Cally get stuck in an airlock.

It’s “just another day” on Galactica. Tyrol takes Cally to fix an airlock, but a fault leaves them locked inside, with the air leaking out fast...

A rescue plan is devised: they blow the outer airlock doors, and Tyrol and Cally are sucked out into space, where they’re grabbed by Apollo and Starbuck, hovering outside in a Raptor.

Meanwhile, it’s Adama’s wedding anniversary. Cue lots of “imaginary dialogues” with his dead ex-wife Carolanne as he spends the day thinking about her.

Oh, and Lee is put in charge of a committee that’ll decide how Baltar should be tried. How very thrilling.

The problem with “ordinary day” storylines is that an ordinary day is, well... ordinary. A married couple bickering; a meeting to discuss a committee; a generic pilot briefing: it’s all a wee bit dull. What drama there is hardly sets your pulse racing – ooh look, the Chief’s stuck in an airlock. Never mind – they’ll probably cut him out or blow the doors or something. We’ve never seen Adama’s ex before, so quite why we’re suddenly meant to give a rat’s ass about her now is unclear.

There are a few nice touches: some flirtation between Adama and the Pres, Adama playing memory games to try and remember the lackeys who bring him coffee and so on. Nevertheless, this is Galactica at its least memorable.

Adama on Galactica’s gym: “On the best day it smells like the inside of a shoe.”

Ian Berriman

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