Battlefield 1 has loads of amazing little details you missed

It’s not like you have a chance to stop and really appreciate things in Battlefield 1 - what with all the shooting, gas and torturous screams of dying friends. If you were able to though, then you'd find load of amazing little details that would probably get you killed if you stopped to look. 

Things like these buttons: 

Look at them! When was the last you saw such exquisitely rendered tailoring. But it doesn't stop there, check out this guy's gear bobbing about as he runs: 

That some well modelled bedroll. And, while we're looking at the soldiers, let's take a closer look at the guns. I hear they're a big part of Battlefield games, so check out the gloriously loose wobble of the old timey shooters. 

It's also worth noting that if you can stand still long enough you can even see the manufacture's mark and dates on some models. 

The bullet casings are also lovely: brassy and beautifully detailed things when they pop out - the slower ejection creating far more old school arcs than more modern assault rifle sprays. 

However, if you want to see the guns looking their best then check out the rain details.

Dynamic weather's a big part of the game, with rain and fog changing up battles but it's worth taking a moment to really appreciate the maps on a clear day. 

Everything to the left of the darker green area is just decoration. The playable map stops at that hedge. Battlefield 1's surrounds are painting levels of pretty. 

Obviously, one of the best ways to see all that is from the air, and it's as much worth it for the chance to pepper enemies with gunfire as it is to notice the flapping canvas on the Zeppelins. 

Pretty, then. In a war is hell kind of away. If you've noticed anything else worth looking at then point it out in the comments. 

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