Battle Of The Planets, CGI-style

TMNT director Kevin Munroe has sat down with about his all-CGI Battle Of The Planets (or, Gatchaman to give it its Japanese name) adaptation.

He's co-directing with Tom Tanaka of Imagi Animation Studios and the first big news's a prequel. Tanaka says: “We’re actually the prequel to the TV show in a sense, and the idea that the mythology of the Gatchaman is not just restricted to technology, there is a mystical aspect as well.”

And the boys are looking to push the boundaries. Munroe says, “Turtles was great, and it’s just, how do you push beyond that and I think Turtles introduced a new way…it looked different and it felt different…it’s about how to push that hyper reality more-so and to also deal with it’s human elements so we don’t get really stiff, lifeless kinds of faces.”

Fans of old-school anime should have a read of the full interview then look at the rest of the lovely pictures.

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