Battle Arena Toshinden Cheats

Battle Arena Toshinden Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Cheat Codes

    FUNNYHEADS: gives fighters big heads.
    GIMMEJIM: boss select.
    LIFEISUNFAIR: use number keys to do special moves.
    VIRTUAL1: gives first person perspective.

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get All Fighters

    As Ellis begins to dance at Ellis' demo screnn press Up, Down, A, B, Left, Right, A, B

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Gaia, Sho, Gaia 2, Uranus

    As Ellis turns around and beeps press Right, Left, A, B OR Up, Down, A, B, Right, Left, A, B

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Show Dialogue

    As the Takara logo appears press B, A, Left, Right, B, A, Down, Up, B, A . Now press Up or Down to see the dialogue

  • GBA | Submitted by Adam A.

    Get Hidden Characters

    When Ellis appears, after the Takara logo, press: UP, DOWN, A, B, RIGHT, LEFT, A, B. If you did it correctly, you should here a sound.