DC previews Justice League: Last Ride and quietly removes digital-first status

Justice League: Last Ride #1
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DC is showing off preview pages to Justice League: Last Ride #1, the debut issue of writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Miguel Mendonça, and colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini limited series that goes on sale digitally and in comic book stores Tuesday, May 11.

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But somewhat oddly, DC makes no mention of the fact the series was originally announced as a 16-chapter weekly digital-first series that was supposed to debut April 14 but never appeared on digital platforms. 

See below for the original announcement details. The original DC announcement still appears on DC's website. 

The publisher has not responded to inquiries regarding why Justice League: Last Ride did not debut digitally in April.

The what appears now to be an eight-issue monthly series without weekly digital chapters deals with the "last days" of the Justice League as  Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman "have gone their separate ways, their once unshakeable bond broken by betrayal and mistrust." 

Check out the preview in our gallery and below for more details.

Original story follows

Former Marvel 'exclusive' writer Chip Zdarsky is launching a new Justice League limited series that will start with DC's iconic superhero team broken up in "anger in distrust" - just when a looming cosmic threat needs them most.

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"Once, the Justice League was the most powerful collection of superheroes in the universe. But an unthinkable tragedy within its ranks has caused Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to go their separate ways, leaving the League broken and disbanded under a veil of anger and mistrust," reads DC's description of Justice League: Last Ride. "Now, against the backdrop of the universe's greatest murder trial, can the League reconcile the past before they're eradicated by the greatest villains in the cosmos?"

So just who is the cosmic threat? And who was murdered, and is on trial as the murderer(s)? DC has not disclosed that.

From the covers revealed, this Justice League line-up includes Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and the Flash. Interestingly, there's a looming Mogo in the background of the primary cover by Darick Robertson.

Justice League: Last Ride by Zdarsky with artist Miguel Mendonça and colorist Enrica Eren Angiolini will be a 16-chapter, weekly digital-first limited series debuting this April on all of DC's digital platform partners. An 8-issue print edition of this series will begin the following month.

Justice League: Last Ride is Zdarsky's first standalone series at DC following short stories in the past several months in several DC anthologies.

Justice League: Last Ride #1 (of 16) goes on sale digitally April 14, with 15 subsequent chapters to follow weekly. The eight-issue print edition of Justice League: Last Ride debuts May 11.

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