Batman v Superman: Henry Cavill is asking kids who's top hero

Kids say the darndest things, especially when being questioned by celebrities. To help promote an Omaze campaign aimed at funding wildlife conservation, Congo advocacy and a basketball-based leadership program, Batman v Superman star Henry Cavill has appeared in a video to ask young superhero fans one simple question: Batman or Superman?

If you haven't heard of Omaze before, here's how it works: For a donation to a partnered charity or charities, you'll be entered into a raffle for exciting prizes. In this case, you'll be helping fund the Eastern Congo Initiative, SEED Project, and the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, and the prize is a ticket to the premiere of Batman v Superman, plus a ride in the Batmobile, a helicopter tour with Cavill, and photos with Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenberg on the red carpet. There are also smaller prizes, like t-shirts, artwork, a personalized thank you video, and autographed prints.

I think my favorite part of the video is how hard Cavill tries - and keeps trying - to convince the two blonde girls that they like Superman more. Logically, his approach is sound; the girls like superheroes with tremendous strength, blazing speed, the capability of flight … and laser eyes. And yet they can't help but choose tall, dark and brooding over the last son of Krypton.

Admittedly, the bit about Superman punching Batman "right in the peanuts" is also pretty great. The fact that it's coming from the same kid who says he likes bad guys more than Batman or Superman is just icing on the cake. Definite future supervillain there.

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Image: Omaze

Sam Prell

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