Batman pulls off his most impressive superhero feat ever

Batman #130 art
Batman #130 art (Image credit: DC)

Houston, we have a Bat-problem...

At the end of October's Batman #129, in his ongoing battle with new villain Failsafe (that he kinda/sorta made himself), Batman is stranded in space in Earth's orbit after battling his new foe in the Watchtower, the Justice League's old headquarters (that will be taken over by a new Stormwatch presumably after the events of this storyline).

Batman #129 art (Image credit: DC)

The last page implies the Dark Knight will somehow have to find his way back to Earth sans the help of a wounded Superman or a Bat spacecraft. But, of course, cliffhangers in comic books can often be misdirection.

But apparently not this time. It looks like Batman will legitimately have to figure out how to get back to Earth without the assistance of a spaceship, an invulnerable flying superhero, or magical involvement.

Or to paraphrase Matt Damon in The Martian, Batman has to 'science the @#$% out of it.'

In this preview of Batman #130 by series writer Chip Zdarsky, artist Jorge Jimenez, colorist Tomeu Morey, and letterer Clayton Cowles, that's exactly what Batman does, improbably try to make his way back to Earth using his wits, some metal objects, and a few hours of oxygen.

That Batsuit must have a Gortex lining we didn't know about.

Anyways, if Bruce doesn't manage to splash down somewhere in the Pacific after manual reentry, we probably would have heard about it by now, so here's a preview along with the issues covers so you can all just enjoy the DCU's most resourceful superhero doing what he does best.

Batman #130 goes on sale December 6.

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