Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic delves into the mysteries of Old Gotham this summer

Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1 cover art
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Terry McGinnis is stepping back into his high-tech Batman suit for a new adventure starting in July, with the previous Batman Beyond: Neo-Year creative team of writers Colin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Max Dunbar reuniting to dig deep into the mysterious nature of Old Gotham and how the city relates to the world of Neo-Gotham.

In Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic, Terry searches for missing children in Old Gotham, with the help of an underground splicer named Kyle the Catboi.

"Terry McGinnis defeated the evil A.I. controlling Neo-Gotham and asserted himself as the one true Batman, but his next battle will bring him to the remains of Old Gotham. Children are going missing and being swallowed by the city’s old bones," reads DC's official description of Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic. 

"Batman Beyond will have to go underground, led by a mysterious splicer named Kyle the Catboi, to find the children and confront the city’s buried sins. What happened to the green of the city? What happened to magic? And what villains never left old Gotham?"

Here's a gallery of covers for Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1 from Max Dunbar, along with variant covers from Christian Ward, Ejikure, Belén Ortega, and Dike Ruan:

Terry McGinnis has been the Batman of the future since the launch of the Batman Beyond animated series in 1999. After several seasons and a tie-in animated movie titled Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Terry was eventually brought into mainstream DC continuity in 2010, often headlining his own title in the years since.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic follows up on Terry's last solo adventure in 2022's Batman Beyond: Neo-Year, in which Terry had to navigate being Batman without Bruce Wayne's guidance for the first time.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic #1 goes on sale July 25.

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