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Batman Arkham Knight's Batgirl DLC drops July 14th, developed by Origins team

It's only been gliding around Gotham for just over a week but Batman Arkham Knight is dropping the first DLC of its season pass on July 14th. Batgirl: A Matter Of Family is a prequel to the events of Arkham Knight, following Barbara Gordon prior to her role as Oracle and has been developed by Batman Arkham Origins devs WB Games Montreal.

The team at WB is using the Batman Arkham Knight engine built by Rocksteady and the press release states that Rocksteady will be helming the rest of the season pass DLC. The expansion means we'll be getting an all new location to explore as Batgirl with "multiple missions, side quests and secrets."

As it's a prequel this probably means no exploring all of Gotham but Gordon's got a new hacking tool in order to explore and solve puzzles and she's also got Dual Play functionality with Robin so isn't being left out of the satisfying takedown fun. The Batman Arkham Knight season pass is £32.99 or A Matter Of Family can be bought separately for £5.79.

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