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Four months later, Batman: Arkham Knight gets another shot on PC

Batman: Arkham Knight (opens in new tab) on PC was such a buggy, poorly optimized mess at launch (certainly compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions) that publisher Warner Bros. Interactive made it unavailable for purchase. Now, four months later, Bats is getting another chance to shine with the game returning to online stores.

The game's re-release has had an interesting effect on Steam reviews: users who bought the game before it got taken down are able to leave reviews on the game, as they could on any of their purchases. While most of these are … unkind to say the least, the interesting thing is that they're also marked as "pre-release" reviews.

It's not clear if this is due to Valve or Warner Bros., but it's somewhat disingenuous either way. This wasn't an Early Access title sold while in active development; this is a game that was deemed so poor in quality that it was taken off the market, giving it time to be repaired and brought up to acceptable levels.

On that note, even this version has room for improvement (opens in new tab). SLI and Crossfire support has yet to be added, Windows 7 users are having hard drive issues, and it's implied that Windows 10 users should bump their RAM up to 12 GB. If you don't speak PC-ese, just know that's more than a little above average for most computers.

Well, at least anyone who bought or buys the game between its original launch in June and November 16 will get the previous Arkham games for free. The PC version also "now supports all add-on content that has been released thus far for console." The last time DLC compatibility was prioritized over bug fixes (opens in new tab) for a Batman game, though, was Arkham Origins. Players weren't happy then, either.

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