Batman: Arkham City - new detective mode to change how players solve The Riddler’s challenges

Above: We’re guessing that the orange guy is an informant. Be sure not to go too crazy with your FreeFlow combos

We’re wondering if keeping the informant out of harm’s way will be more annoying than tough. We can just see ourselves screaming ‘Noooooooo!’ as we watch Batman deliver a finishing blow to the informant in slow-motion as we mash the start button to find the load game option.

Earlier this year at the Develop Conference, Arkham Asylum art director David Hego expressed regrets about how powerful the detective mode was in the original game. According to Hego, it was so useful that many players went through the whole game with it on, missing out on the finer details in the game’s gorgeously gritty setting.

Sep 29, 2010


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