Batman: Arkham City 'Big Head Mode' Easter egg revealed

So you've solved Riddler's riddles, saved the hostages, closed every last case file, and even managed to pull off a Perfect Freeflow 2.0 in Batman: Arkham City. But lest you think you've conquered everything Rocksteady has to offer, here's one more well-hidden Easter egg that will go oh-so-nicely with that big head of yours.

It's called the Big Head Mode (you know, in case we were being too subtle), and as the name implies, it allows players to increase the size of Batman's noggin, making him the cutest, gosh-darn crime fighter around. The cheat works on all characters and skins, and is enabled on consoles by holding down both trigger buttons and twirling the analog sticks. Machinima maker Rooster Teeth released a video showing just how to make your Arkham adventures that much more enjoyable:

According to Rooster Teeth, the cheat only works on Normal, Hard and New Game Plus modes. It's no hidden room, but it's a nifty secret all the same - and we hope one of many that will be revealed over time. It also works on the game's skins, too, letting you play as big-headed Batman Beyond Batman, big-headed Batman: The Animated Series Batman, and big-headed Dark Knight Returns Batman.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to play through the game again ASAP so we can see big-headed Joker and Harley. They must look adorable.

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