Banned until 9999 for illegally playing Halo 3

Sept 7, 2007

Microsoft, along with the help of Bungie probably, has brought out a megaton ban to some poor gamers who somehow got into the Epsilon thingy.

From what we can gather, via numerous posts on several websites, two kids with the Gamertags "SCAR" and "dak is back" played the game while connected to Xbox Live.

Little did SCAR know that the world can see what you're playing on Xbox Live when connected thanks to the Friends list. Or maybe he did know this and was just showing off? Either way it's bitten him in the ass.

So the next day he went back to finish what he started (gloating?) and couldn't connect. Strange? So he went on the Xbox message board to see what the problem was.Click hereand you'll quickly see it dawn on him why he's been banned...

His punishment doesn't really seem to fit the crime, especially as there are about a zillion movies of Epsilon available to watch on good oldYouTube.

Both of their accounts have now been banned until December 31, 9999. It seems a little harsh to us, after all, it's only a game. Add 'em to your Friends List. For a laugh...

Courtesy of CVG.