Bangai-O Spirits - updated hands-on

See, you can charge EX attacks by holding the L or R buttons. A counter appears on your mech and quickly counts to 100 (the highest blast charge). The larger the EX attack will be is dependent on not only the charge, but how many missiles are already on screen baring down on you. Knowing how long to charge EX attacks will almost certainly mean how long you survive and how long you%26rsquo;ll spend on the menu screen reselecting the failed mission. Dying is almost certainly a key to victory because you%26rsquo;ll be able to select different weapons to bring into the battle.

One of the coolest modes in Bangai-O enables you to create new levels, in addition to editing pre-existing levels. Utilizing the stylus, you can quickly carve out your own ludicrously tough creations - made handier by the wonderful inclusion of copying and pasting from other levels - for sharing. But Bangai-O spits in the face of friend codes and Wi-Fi.

Using %26ldquo;Sound Loading Technology%26rdquo; you can transfer your created levels (or saved replays) to other DS%26rsquo;. The DS transferring will emit a tone from the handheld. Just place the speaker of the first DS close to the mic of the second DS and it%26rsquo;ll record the tone. That tone is the level you%26rsquo;re transmitting, but instead of wireless data, it%26rsquo;s a sound file. You can even record the sounds into your PC and email them to friends. Hell, we imagine a bunch of Bangai-O community sites set up just for level-sharing. Makes us wonder what other third party companies can do with this technology.

With giant boss battles and even puzzle levels to break up the typical bang-bang-die rhythm, Bangai-O Spirits is shaping up to give you everything you could want from a hardcore shooter. Set for release this fall, we should have more on Bangai-O in the coming months. Watch this space for more info.

May 9, 2008