Badass arcade stick coming to Virtual Console

Look at this beauty. With the Virtual Console churning out awesome old-school shooters and beat-'em-ups on a monthly basis, you need one of these puppies. You need it more than oxygen.

This is the first picture of the first arcade stick revealed for Wii which according to Play-Asia (opens in new tab), is going on sale in August.

The product page lacks any other details, but the Home, Minus and Plus buttons on the top right, as well as the X, Y and Z buttons on its face pretty much confirms that it will interface with the Wii as a Classic Controller - albeit without the two analog sticks.

That means you'll almost certainly be plugging it into the Wii Remote, just like the Classic Controller. But that's good news because the Classic Controller is compatible with all Virtual Console games, including all those kick-ass fighting and shooting classics that this is ideal for.

Also, the fact that it's made by Hori is good news, because Hori stuff is SOLID. In fact, some Hori stuff occasionally gets officially licensed by Nintendo (like DS screen protectors, off the top of our heads), so you can trust that it'll be all good.

June 26, 2007