Bad Boys 3 in development

It must be sequel day in Hollywood as, never ones to let a money-earning franchise die, even after six years, Sony is attempting to gear up another Bad Boys film.

Well, the studio is trying to put a script together at least, hiring Peter Craig (who wrote The Town, which Ben Affleck will start directing next month) to bash out a first draft that will likely need a lot of spaces for the words "Michael makes things go 'splodey here".

What it doesn't have yet is commitments from "Michael" - Bay, that is, producer Jerry Bruckheimer or stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

The executives will have to cut hefty deals to get everyone back, so they'll be hoping to have something on paper to draw the team in again.

Apparently, they're eager if the story's right, so assuming Bay has time between small indie products (you know, the ones he keeps talking about between Transformers films) and giant robots, we may yet see another Bad Boys.

Well, at least Sandford's Sgt Danny Butterman will be happy...

[Source: THR (opens in new tab) ]

Another Bad Boys? Do you want it?

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