Back into Enemy Territory

As we're going to have to wait till 2007 for the release of Enemy Territory, we'll just have to make do, for now, with pawing over the incredible-looking screenshots of the future face of multiplayer shooters.

Enemy Territory will allow gamers to align with human forces or the invading Strogg army in an all-out online war that, with its variety of vehicles and different soldier classes, has many similarities with class-based shooter Battlefield 2.

What the developer is working hard on is making strategy and teamwork vital for each mission. This means that, at the start of each confrontation, a mission briefing is provided making it clear which soldier classes are needed to complete every objective. For instance, engineers are needed to repair a bridge. But in order for them to focus on the job at hand, medics must be there for assistance while a variety of firepower options are required to lay down covering fire.