Avengers Versus The Skrulls In Movie?

File under rumour for now, but a comics website says it’s heard from various sources that the movie will feature Marvel’s shapeshifting aliens

The shapeshifting Alien Skrulls could be the baddies in the Avengers movie, according to ComicBookMovie.com . The site says it has heard the scoop from a number of sources, claiming also that the Skrulls will brainwash the Hulk and use him as a weapon against humanity. Allegedly the first film will not feature a major full-on alien invasion or Skrulls versus Avengers slap down – that is being left for the sequel. Instead, in the first film, the Skrulls will act in a clandestine manner. In Marvel comic history, the Skrulls are a reptilian race who first appeared in The Fantastic Four #2, and they have been major baddies ever since.