Avengers celebrate 750 issues with a Multiversal fight against Doctor Doom and a new team of villains

Avengers #50
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This November, Marvel will celebrate 750 issues of its Avengers comic book series - and 50 issues from current writer Jason Aaron - with a 96-page issue.

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Aaron's run on the title began back in May 2018 with the relaunch of the series - its eighth volume. And just as the series was launched coinciding with that year's Free Comic Book Day, the upcoming Avengers #50 will be using a reveal in August 14's Free Comic Book Day title Avengers/Hulk as a major new jumping-on point. 

That being the introduction of a new version of the Masters of Evil, called the Multiversal Masters of Evil.

"It's such an honor to be a part of issue #750 of Avengers, and I'm looking to celebrate the rich history of the title and its iconic characters by using this issue as the gargantuan-sized kick-off for a story that'll be as wildly sweeping and swing-for-the-fences epic as it can possibly be," Aaron says in the announcement. 

"It's not just that everything I've been doing in the last 50 issues of Avengers has been leading to this, but there are threads feeding into the next year's worth of stories that stretch back to most every major series I've ever written in my 15 years at Marvel Comics."

Marvel states that the current 'World War She-Hulk' arc of Avengers will set up the events of Avengers #50/#750, but also draw in previously established elements such as the prehistoric Avengers and the mysterious Iron Inquisitor. The team will also recruit some "surprising" new members, which given Avengers have already recruited the likes of Doctor Doom in the past, would be something.

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Speaking of Doctor Doom, he is the apparent leader of this new Multiversal Masters of Evil which includes several mash-up versions of Marvel villains from the recent 'Heroes Reborn (opens in new tab)' event.

Aaron will be joined on Avengers #50/#750 by current series artist Javier Garrón, former series artist Ed McGuinness, Avengers alum Carlos Pacheco, and former Fantastic Four artist Aaron Kuder.

In addition, prose novelist Christopher Ruocchio (The Sun-Eater series (opens in new tab)) will make his Marvel debut in Avengers #50/#750 with a backup Thor story drawn by Steve McNiven.

Avengers #50 (AKA Avengers #750) goes on sale on November 17. Look for Marvel Comics' full November 2021 schedule later this month on Newsarama.

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