Austin Powers 4 is being defrosted

It’s been five years since Austin Powers: Goldmember and since then, Mike Myers hasn’t exactly been setting the comedy world on fire, unless you count lending his voice to Shrek and the comically awful box office results for A View From The Top. The less said about The Cat In The Hat, the better, frankly.

But now he’s really back, preparing to shoot The Love Guru, a romantic mentor comedy in August and planning to star in How To Survive A Robot Uprising.

Between those projects he’s also apparently been pondering the future of the Austin Powers franchise, something of a surprise since he seemed finished with Powers and co following Goldmember. Now, though, blabbing to MTV , Myers has revealed that he’s considering another outing. "We're developing a fourth movie, entirely from Dr. Evil's point of view," Myers told the music channel’s website. "That is part of what I've been doing in the last little while."

Since the shaven-testicled super villain was easily the best part of most of the Powers movies, this sounds like good news. There’s no word on when – or if – regular collaborator Jay Roach will get involved and no plot details have yet emerged. Just one thing: didn’t Evil turn good at the end of Goldmember?

Source: ( www. mtv .com/)