Xbox VP says giving games as digital gifts is "not far" off on Xbox One

Currently, none of the major consoles have the ability for one owner to gift a digital game to another owner - not in a way that doesn't involve copy-pasting strings of code or forking over a wad of cash, anyway. But Xbox VP Mike Ybarra says that feature is coming soon to Xbox One.

There wasn't even a whisper of gift-a-friend at E3 2017, so mayhaps an announcement will be coming late next month at Gamescom? It'll also be important to know the limitations of such a service - like whether the receiver can refuse a gift or if the giver will pay a different price than if the recipient had bought it themselves - but at first blush this seems like a good idea.

Still, I'm curious: is this a feature you would actually use? Let us know in the poll below.