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Wreck-It Ralph will feature classic videogame character cameos

Having put forward the release date of classic console based animation Wreck-It Ralph , Disney have now revealed that a number of other videogame character will appear, Roger Rabbit -style, alongside the new fictional villain.

Following a teaser showing the opening of the film at CinemaCon it was clear that a number of classic Nintendo, Atari and Sega video game characters will appear in the film that sees Ralph turn up in a number of different classical games in an attempt to re-invent himself as a cyber-hero.

Those wishing to avoid potential spoilers should probably stop reading here.

From the CinemaCon screening, /Film has noted that at least Bowser from Super Mario Bros. , Doctor Robotnik from Sonic The Hedgehog , Kano from Mortal Kombat , a ghost from Pac-Man , Zangief from Street Fighter and Coily the Snake from Q*bert will appear.

Wreck-It Ralph opens on 15 February 2013. Let's hope its use of product placement characters will rival Toy Story ...