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Fallout 3 – MacGyver Construction Pack

Blame: Associate Editor Paul Ryan
We’ve got a game with a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland that bends the laws of physics and construction enough to allow our four-out-of-ten intelligence hero to use old sodas to cobble together grenades (several times more powerful than a military frag grenade) by combining them with tin cans and cleaning products. This is a world where you can take down Super Mutant Masters with expired carbonated beverages, and by the time we were through the game, our guy had only bothered to create about four weapons.

Nuka Grenade

Items needed:
- Abraxo Cleaner
- Nuka-Cola Quantum
- Tin Can
- Turpentine

Imagine giving someone with some real know-how a crack at the marvelously pliable junk peppered all over the wasteland. Then take one more step and imagine putting the king of improvised construction a go at it. Yes, MacGyver would be ruling the wasteland with a legion of sophisticated and stylish laser robots from the safety of his crystal fortress within 45 minutes of his escape from the underground vault.

Download the Construction pack to replace your current meathead companion with MIT graduate MacGyver and get your build on. Can’t figure out what to do with that carton of cigarettes you found? MacGyver will make them into power armor that shoots lightning. Having trouble finding a use for some Pre-War Casualwear? MacGyver will whip that outfit into a motorcycle. No use for a party hat? Don’t worry about it. After you download the MacGyver Construction Pack, schematics to turn that hat into a Super Mutant tranquilizing saxophone will be automatically placed in your inventory. How does he do it? Nobody knows, he’s MacGyver, lol!

BioShock 2 – Big Daddy Sumo Wrestling

Blame: Senior Editor Joe McNeilly
We know BioShock 2 is going to have some rockin’ multiplayer modes (we’re praying for customizable characters – imagine everyone playing as a different spliced-up freak!). What we can’t yet confirm it’ll have is the thing we want the most: a special Big Daddy wrestling mode, in which two Big Daddies fight sumo-style. Think about it – anyone can be a big tough guy when you have with a freaking giant rivet gun and suit of armor and the other guy has a broken bottle and worn-out shoes. But when it’s Big Daddy against Big Daddy in a battle to see whose girth is the greatest – now that’s a real contest.

Above: Original image courtesy Eckhard Pecher (Arcimboldo)

If not that, then a cool horde zombies mode for Portal. Can you imagine four players firing off portals everywhere with undead combine beasts pouring in from every direction? [Ed note: Actually Joe, that’s a legitimately good idea. Seems like a fine way to end the piece.]

Jul 7, 2009

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