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Welcome to the new and improved GamesRadar

Readers, remain calm. Your eyes – and monitor settings – do not deceive you. Today, the official website of the internet has changed. For the bigger, obviously, but also for the much, much better. Here are the key differences, and how they'll improve your GamesRadar-ing experience.

Way more space for way more awesomeness

This is undoubtedly the first thing you noticed when visiting today. Our articles are now 50% wider, giving us a ton of extra room – and creative freedom – when designing news, features, reviews and previews. If you thought GamesRadar's content was unique and eye-catching before, just wait. In the meantime, however, compare our previous, more cluttered design and its thin band of actual content...

... with our wider, cleaner newpresentation:

Game videos and images will be supersized from now on as well. Goodbye, frustrated squinting. Hello, screen-filling immersion:

And if you're worried about GamesRadar's older content, don't be. Previous articles are unaffected by the size change.

Want to read today's top articles? Simple – scroll up. There they are, lined up and ready to go, regardless what kind of computer or browser you're using. No more Flash. No more automatic, too-fast-or-too-slow scrolling. No more clicking on tiny arrows to see what's next. No more giant text blocking the thumbnails. No more broken website on your mobile phone or PSP. Just pick, point and enjoy wherever.

Above: Here's what to look for

This isn't only a gaming website – it's also a gaming community. To emphasize that fact, we've brought more of the personalized parts of GamesRadar – your messages, your updates, your friends, your comments and your lists – to the front page. Log in at top and look for the community box on the right side of the page. And if you're not already a member of GamesRadar, now would be an awful good time to join.

GamesRadar has been producing the best guides on the internet for years, but now you won't need a desperate Google search to find them. Hit "Cheats & Guides" on the navigation bar to visit the redesigned CheatPlanet and discover a brand new, streamlined and continuously updated Top 10 list of our most popular and demanded guides.

Got every orb in Crackdown 2? Every treasure in Red Dead Redemption? Every star in Super Mario Galaxy 2? If not, you will now.

This is your site as much as ours. Let us know how you like the new GamesRadar and share what improvements you'd like to see in the future. We really are listening, and your opinions really do matter. Comment away below, or drop a note in our forums.

Jul 12, 2010