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Week of Final Fantasy

The RPG holds a special place in gamers’ hearts, and with good reason; epic, sweeping stories filled with interesting characters draw the player in and get combined with magic-filled battles against towering monsters and villainous cads. For many gamers, a Final Fantasy was their first venture into the genre, and Square Enix (or just Squaresoft depending on your age) repeatedly dazzled with great graphics, music, stories and combat systems. Everyone remembers their first summon, their first 9999 damage attack, and of course their first cactuar.

With the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XIII right around the corner, GamesRadar is taking a nostalgic look back at the series and what made each game great in the first place. We're breaking down the best: best heroes, best villains, and even the best games in the series. Of course quantifying what makes VI better than VII or Cecil better than Squall will certainly raise a typhoon of hate and thunderous cries of "GR FAIL" from rabid fanboys, but it’s a testament to the franchise that gamers still feel so strongly about the series years after the fact. Make sure your 7 page dissertation on “Why Cait Sith Owns” is ready to be posted in our forums, comments and Facebook account!

Check out our schedule below, and make sure to check back Thursday morning for our exclusive online review of Final Fantasy XIII!

Monday, March 1

The Top 7… Best Final Fantasy games

Tuesday, March 2

The five best Final Fantasy heroes

Wednesday, March 3

The five most murderous Final Fantasy villains

Thursday, March 4

Exclusive FFXIII Review

Best Final Fantasy Soundtracks

Friday, March 5

The Evolution of Final Fantasy summons