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We can all relate to these Super Mario Happy Meal confessionals from grown-ups who want the toys

McDonalds has a new set of Super Mario Happy Meal toys, starring the leaping plumber and his usual gang of friends and frenemies, and people are buying the hell out of them. Adult Nintendo fans are descending en masse on the fast food joints in an attempt to collect all 8 character toys before the promotion ends on May 22. It's prompting some serious introspection on Twitter.

Grown-ass adults buying Happy Meals

The best part is that last guy actually works at Nintendo.

To be fair, some of the toys are pretty cool

You have jumping sound Mario.

And generalized anxiety Bowser.

But the best one is obviously...

Invincibility Mario, aka Laser Rave Mario

It all makes the old-school Super Mario Happy Meal toys look a bit wanting

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