Warhawk gets backed to the tilt

Tuesday 9 May 2006
Sony has released a deluge of new shots of its flight combat game Warhawk, which is one of the games that will use thetilt dynamic in the PS3 pad.

Warhawk is an update of the PSone game of the same name which originally came out in 1995. The PlayStation 3 update has been developed by Incognito Entertainment and combines flight based combat with ground assaults in vehicles and on foot.

Gamers will be able to pilot Warhawk - the most advanced fighter in the fleet - to protect their homeland against the threat of the Chernovan forces. When controlling Warhawk, the tilting function of the PS3 pad will come into play with the on-screen plane replicating the gamer's controller movements.

There will be an option to use the analogue stick to control the Warhawk, but using the tilt function frees up the analogue sticks to control the aiming reticule, which means gamers will be able to move and aim separately.

The action takes place over hundreds of square miles of interactive terrain which will be the setting for the online competition where up to 32 players can tear into each other from the ground and the skies.