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Viewtiful Joe 2's tasty trailer

Behind every great man is a great woman (and sometimes in front too but only if he is very lucky). Well, Viewtiful Joe certainly is a lucky fellow because this time his great woman is ready to step out of his shadow. So, after defeating the Captain single-handed in the original adventure, he can hand over half the ass-kicking duty to the lovely Sylvia for this sequel.

And what a sequel it looks too: true to the original comic carnage but at the same time offering more than ever before. New spacey locations have been added, 40 types of enemy will appear and there's a brand new power, the VFX Replay, that will allow you to land a single blow three times over. But don't get caught sleeping while you're using it or the same pain will be inflicted on poor Joe three times over.

But what are we telling you all this for when you can see everything - including the new Six Machine - in action in this nifty movie clip? So saddle up your favourite browser and point that mouse towards the link below. Go on, give your retinas a treat.

Viewtiful Joe 2 cuts loose in March 2005 on PS2 and Gamecube