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Video game Halloween events 2019: Don't miss out on all the spooky skins and modes

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The season of video game Halloween events continues, and now is the perfect time to dive in and start playing. Our modern era of online-connected, service-based games has resulted in a rolling smorgasbord of seasonal events, and none seem to capture the collective imagination of both developers and players quite like Halloween. Maybe we all enjoy the flickering glow of a Jack o' lantern, maybe we're all secretly goths on the inside, or maybe we just enjoy seeing our favorite characters dressed up as scary/cute/weird monsters.

Whatever your particular reason for the season may be, we've drafted up a living list of the best video game halloween events to check out this year. We'll update it as more events are confirmed and go live, but until then, here's what's on the docket (or, uh, mortuary slab) now!

Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost

(Image credit: Bungie)

October 29 - November 19
Spookiness: Not that spooky but there's loot

Destiny's Halloween celebration is coming a little later this year, but you can't blame them for their tardiness too much with Shadowkeep still just weeks old. This year's Festival of the Lost encourages players to don a special helmet with attachable paper mask ornaments then head out to do their alien blasting. Grab enough Candy and you'll be able to grab a fully Masterworked Braytech Werewolf auto rifle - if you don't know the lingo, that's really good (and a relatively easy boost toward end game gear). Head over to the Haunted Forest to do your optimal candy looting - it's an extra-ghostly version of the procedurally generated Infinite Forest activity.

WoW Classic (and modern) Hallow's End

(Image credit: Blizzard)

Dates: October 18 - November 1
Spookiness: Slightly spookier than usual

Hallow's End has been a World of Warcraft tradition for more than a decade, and this year players have two ways to experience it: either in the modern (AKA retail) version of the game, or in WoW Classic. The modern version of the event is much more involved, with a number of quests, achievements, and potential awards including the coveted Horseman's Reins flying mount. That said, there's still plenty of humble charm to the Classic version as well, with its collectible paper masks and surprisingly heartwarming quests about trick-or-treating with orphans.

Overwatch: Halloween Terror 2019

Dates: October 15 - November 4
Spookiness: Pretty spooky

Overwatch always goes overboard in the best way for Halloween. This year's Halloween Terror event will give you a bunch of new skins and other in-game rewards to pursue, along with the return of the fan-favorite Junkenstein's Revenge co-op mode. It looks like there aren't any big changes to Junkenstein's Revenge, but you'll still want to log in and play every week thanks to the new win rewards: win 9 times in the first, second, and third weeks to unlock icons, sprays, and skins for Junkrat, Baptiste, and Sombra respectively. Sombra's skin even lets her cosplay as the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3.

Apex Legends: Fight or Fright Collection Event

Dates: October 15 - November 5
Spookiness: Very spooky

Apex Legends is celebrating its first Halloween season with a special new mode called Shadowfall (that is unrelated to the Killzone game of the same name). In Shadowfall, 35 solo players drop into a night-time version of the old King's Canyon map. Any player who is downed returns as part of the Shadow Squad - basically zombies with no weapons or abilities, but more maneuverability, deadly melee attacks, and unlimited respawns. Once only 10 living players remain, they must cooperate to make their way to an evac ship without being overwhelmed by shadows. There are 24 Halloween-y cosmetics to unlock as well, including delightfully cheesy witch and vampire costumes for Wraith and Crypto, respectively.

Final Fantasy 14: All Saints' Wake

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Dates: October 17 - November 1
Spookiness: A bit spooky

Final Fantasy 14's always a treat for holiday-minded players: its answer to Halloween is All Saints' Wake, and it's your chance to earn a number of in-game items, including the new Circus Ahriman mount and a lovely Pumpkin Carriage outdoor furnishing (some items from previous years will be available for purchase from the vendor too). To get started, your character must be at least level 15 and have finished the "It's Probably Pirates" quest. Then head to the Adventurers' Guild Investigator in Old Gridania to begin!

Hearthstone: Doom in the Tomb

Dates: October 8 - October 30
Spookiness: Fairly spooky

Hearthstone's Halloween event takes players back into Uldaman for a new kind of face off against the Headless Horseman across three weeks, with two different ways to delve into Uldaman. Outside of dungeoneering, the third week will feature a new Tavern Brawl that rotates minions around the board at the end of every turn. You can also participate in an Arena dress-up party by picking a Hero, then picking a Hero Power - you'll be able to draft cards belonging to both classes in this unique dual-class mode. Naturally, you'll be able to buy new cards with the limited time Hex and Flex bundles as well.

Bloodborne: Return to Yharnam

(Image credit: Sony/From Software)

Dates: October 5 - November 5
Spookiness: Unofficially spooky

Bloodborne has no seasonal events, officially speaking. But its community of players couldn't let its perfect connection to the Halloween season go uncelebrated. Return to Yharnam is an event fully organized by players, encouraging everyone to descend into the game, roll up new characters, and interact with their fellow Hunters as much as possible. There are officially sanctioned costumes if you're in the mood (or you could pick out your own spooky threads), but the important part is just to Summon other players or Invade them as often as possible. Check out the Reddit thread or official (unofficial) Discord to get involved, and happy hunting!

Rocket League: Haunted Hollows

Dates: October 14 - November 11
Spookiness: Brand-synergistically spooky

Making cars playing soccer seem scary is a tall order, so the developers of Rocket League wisely decided to partner up with Stranger Things for some instant horror cred. Haunted Hollows introduces an Upside Down variant of the Farmstead map, complete with the looming threat of the Mind Flayer, and a bunch of new in-game items to unlock by playing matches and pooling up Candy Corn (yes, this Candy Corn actually has a purpose instead of just tasting disgusting). If you're into the whole loot crate thing, you'll want to give the new Golden Pumpkins a spin as well for a shot at items from three other crates.

Pokemon Go Halloween 2019

Dates: October 17 - November 1
Spookiness: Spooky-cute

The Pokemon Go Halloween 2019 event is good, clean family fun until you remember that Yamask - who you can find a shiny version of - is the spirit of a deceased human and that the mask they carry used to be their face (also sometimes they look at it and cry). Shake that off and you'll be able to enjoy catching the original four starters in cute costumes, including Pikachu cosplaying as Mimikyu. You can also dress your trainer up with some new items in the shop, do special Field Research tasks, and even try to take on Darkrai for the first time in five-star raids.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dark Arts Month

(Image credit: WB Games)

Dates: October 8 - October 31
Spookiness: Expectus spooptronum

Naturally, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is going to celebrate the season where it's socially acceptable to wear a witch or wizard hat to work. October 2019 is officially Dark Arts month, and the game will reflect it in a number of different ways throughout the month. First up is the two-part Fighting Forces Brilliant Event, which features appearances from Death Eaters, Azkaban Escapees, Sirius Black, and Dementors. On October 19, the October Community Day will make more Vampires, Werewolves, and Doxies appear on the map, and a Halloween Quest on October 31 will open up a Dark Arts-themed Fortress Chamber and quest with special rewards.

Stay tuned for more video game Halloween events as they go live! And see what else you have to look forward to in our list of upcoming games of 2019.

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