TV REVIEW Stargate Atlantis 4.08 "The Seer"

Original US airdate: 16/11/2007

Written by: Alan McCullough

Directed by: Andy Mikita


The One Where: Sheppard’s team visits a seer, Davos, believing he may help them find the Athosians. He’s dying of cancer so Keller has him brought back to Atlantis. Meanwhile, Sheppard’s Wraith friend reappears, asking for their help in defeating the Replicators. But Davos has visions of Atlantis’s destruction either way...

Verdict: The development about the Nanites attacking humans to starve the Wraith is interesting, but the whole episode feels very busy, between the Wraith/Nanite war and the stuff with Davos.

Highlight: The scene where the Wraith offers to shake Carter’s hand, then laughs and says “just a little Wraith humour” is fantastically well-played, with just the right degree of menace.

References: Woolsey’s query about Davos’s anomalies, followed by his line “sorry, force of habit” refers back to Robert Picardo’s role as the doctor on Voyager.

Moan: “They’re shrouded in darkness.” “You carry a life within you.” Come on, why can’t we just once get someone in SF who’ll say something like “I don’t know where your people are. Oh, and you’re up the duff”?

It's Wossisname! Martin Jarvis (Davos) has appeared in a few classic Doctor Who stories. Could the fact that his character’s name is only one letter away from “Davros” be mere coincidence? And does anyone else think he looks a bit like Jon Pertwee?

Best Line:
McKay: "Allow me to make a prediction. This will be a complete waste of time."
Sheppard: "I knew you were gonna say that."

Leah Holmes

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