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Tropico 4 Modern Times expansion takes banana republic into space age this March

It’s good to be El Presidente, especially if you live in the world of the Tropico series, where dictators rule and regular folk do their best not to end up in a secret prison. But if you’ve run out of things to do and resources to exploit in last year’s Tropico 4, something new is on the horizon. Coming soon is the Tropico 4: Modern Times expansion bringing the game into the present and even the future.

Modern Times promises new items, resources and a whole new campaign that brings the game’s story up through the space age, passing the internet and War on Terror, and heading into the unpredictable future. You can even become a hippie with a Festival of Love (brown acid not included). The expansion will be a downloadable on 360 for 1200 points, and will be $19.99 on PC when it launches in March.

Henry Gilbert
Henry moved from the suburbs of northern Florida to work at GR+, and hasn't looked back once in seven years. When not collecting Mario toys, you can find him constantly checking his Twitter.