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Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Master’s Gauntlet 

Eye of the Storm 

Weed Killer: Stomp all of the flowers

There are nine flowers in total to stomp--the first can be found by reversing at the start of the track.

Flowers #2: Drop slowly off the ramp after the first checkpoint onto the ledge below.

Flowers #3: After the next checkpoint, jump slowly off the ramp to hit the ledge opposite.

Flowers #4: At the other side of the tall rock, stop on the first island after the checkpoint and drop off the end.

Flowers #5: After the series of island jumps, roll down the fallen tree trunk past the next checkpoint.

Flowers #6: At the top of the tree trunk and by the next checkpoint, drop off the short trunk to the ledge below--you may need to bailout backwards to land on it.

Flowers #7: After crossing over the boat, drop to the edge of the water on the far side.

Flowers #8: At the top of the final set of rocky ramps, bailout to launch upwards into the rocks above.

Flowers #9: Bailout slowly over the finish line, to fall down the cliff beyond and onto the ledge below.

Weather the Storm: Put an end to the storm by finding the Sun God’s hidden altar

From the final checkpoint, jump to the next angled platform then bailout upwards to reveal a hidden trapeze and grab it.

Swing back and forth to pump water out of the cave below--you'll know this is complete when you hear a chime and water stops coming out of the spout in the background.

Now respawn at the checkpoint and drop down the hole with the pipe in front of you to access a new area.

Reach the end of this tough section to find the altar and make the sun rise.

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Rock of Rages 

Dizziest Heights: Perform and land a triple back flip

The best place to attempt this is the ladder ramp early in the level, after jumping over a series of rock pillars.

Get as much speed as you can going up the ladder, then use your back wheel to flip backwards off the rock at the top.

Hold back on the left stick until you land and you may be able to squeeze in three flips--if you crash, the checkpoint at the bottom means you can easily repeat until you succeed.

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Light City Run 

Trials Backwards Evolution: Transform into primitive man and go on to complete the track

Reverse up the ramp at the start of the track to knock down the wall and enter a cage.

This will convert you into a block figure with a big glowing head.

Finish the track to complete the Challenge--as long as you reach the first checkpoint without crashing, you will respawn without reverting to your original character.

Keep Your Trilby On!: Complete the track after switching the genre to Film Noir

Jump across the first gap, then bailout backwards to drop below the starting platform.

Grab the big red lever below to pull it down, switching the track to a Film Noir theme.

As well as being in black and white, more difficult obstacles are added to make a tough track even tougher.

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Frost Bite 

Higher Plane: The chains are there for a reason. Reach the high platform

After the first checkpoint, drop to the platform below with the double down arrow sign then quickly bailout forward towards the chain hanging ahead.

Grab onto the chain then swing back and forth, gaining momentum to jump to the next one. The third chain you grab will lift you up to a higher area.

Grab the final swinging chain and use it to leap onto the raised platform.

Master of Illusion: Make your rider disappear and then go on to complete the track

Reverse at the start of the track to hit the portal and make your rider disappear.

Now complete the track--without the visual reference, you'll need to pay attention to which way you push the left stick to lean your invisible rider.

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Inferno IV 

Crank Up The Heat: Detonate all the explosive barrels

Inferno IV is such a tough track that you'll no doubt hit many of the explosive barrels without trying.

Make sure you hit every barrel and box at least once along the way, and the Challenge will be completed when you explode the last one.

Be One with the Bike: Turn your bike invisible and then go on to complete the track

To attempt this insanely difficulty Challenge, you need to clear the initial obstacle then bailout backwards from the first checkpoint to hit the big red switch under the ramp.

You then need to complete the track with an invisible bike--if you manage it, you are a true Trials master!

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