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Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Expert’s Club 

Cave Dweller 

Pull the Plug: Shutdown the generator

After the series of jumps from curvy ramps, stop at the checkpoint with a crate in the foreground then reverse off the platform.

Work your way down the series of angled platforms until you reach the bottom.

Jump off the final platform and land on the button to shutdown the generator.

Neurotoxicology: Get yourself poisoned and still complete the track

At the start of the track, tap reverse to hold your bike inside the lift and some gas will be released.

This distorts the colour scheme, and although it looks like the camera is swinging back and forth it's actually the level itself rotating, which affects the gravity as you ride.

Thankfully you can take as many faults as you like until you complete this stomach-churning Challenge.

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Covert Ops 

Action Hero: Detonate at least 3 bombs from a single bailout

At the top of the rocky ramp where there are three suspended platforms, bailout and launch yourself into the bomb on the top platform.

Hopefully your bike will drop down and detonate the other two bombs to complete the Challenge--if it doesn't, simply respawn and have another go.

Lucy in the Sky: Land on the floating platform in the sky

After navigating the set of suspended platforms, ride over the switch at the bottom of the next ramp then roll backwards onto the platform to be launched into the air.

Bounce your way up the platforms--this may require a number of attempts until you hit the right angles to keep moving upwards.

Land and stop on the flat platform that then rises, but make sure you jump forwards onto the sloping platform before you hit the bomb above.

Control your throttle to hold the bike on this sloping platform as it rises up to the floating platform.

Finally, accelerate and bunny hop to jump onto the floating platform ahead.

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Mind the Gap 

We Have a Jumper: Get hit by a crossing train so hard that your bike explodes

Drop through the gap near the start onto the pair of tracks below.

Your bike should land on top of a set of tracks--if it doesn't, respawn and try again.

Once you've landed your bike on the tracks, simply wait for the train to come along and blow it up.

Headshot!: Hurl yourself into the face of the girl on the Synthetic Clothing advert

After jumping over the stairway, bailout from the next ramp and launch yourself towards the face of the girl on the advert ahead.

Land a headshot on her and you'll get wedged in the billboard to complete the Challenge.

Delayed Departure: Do anything you can to stop the train from leaving the station

When you drop down below the the Synthetic Clothing advert, the train nearest you will start pulling out of the station.

You now need to reach the end of the track as quickly as possible to stop it from leaving--this doesn't have to be faultless, but there's little room for error.

After reaching the high vents at the end of the platform, bailout to fly forwards and grab the electrical box hanging down from the ceiling--this will bring the shutter down on the track and stop the train if you got there in time.

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RedLynx Derby 

Hitting Targets: Hit all of the blue target signs during a run with 5 faults or less

Light up each blue target sign by hitting it with either your bike or rider.

There are six targets in total to hit, and with only five faults allowed you'll need to put some practice in.

Spider Mode: Turn the camera upside down and go on to complete the track

Reverse down the ramp at the start of the track and hit the gyroscope to flip the camera.

This new view is really disorientating, but you'll need to hit the first checkpoint to stop the camera from resetting when you fault.

Rotate your screen (if you have that option), lie on your back or do whatever else it takes to make your way to the finish line.

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Jungle Gymkhana 

Jungle Jim: Complete at least 2 flips before reaching the 2nd checkpoint

It's possible to land a flip from the initial tower to the swinging platform, but you need to time it just right to land with enough speed to make the next jump.

You then need to get up the next set of ramps without faulting and flip off the top before the checkpoint.

Alternatively, you may find it easier to perform the first flip off the ramp before the checkpoint, landing back on the ramp then riding up again to perform a second flip.

Tree House Club: Swing like a monkey into the secret tree house

At the top of the set of ramps following the first puzzle block checkpoint, bailout and grab the trapeze hanging above.

Use the left stick to swing back and forth, releasing Y/Triangle to jump from one trapeze to the next.

The next jump is pretty big, so try and land on top of the final trapeze so you don't overshoot it.

Now swing into the tree house to complete the challenge, and also reveal the puzzle block solution to find the hidden squirrel on this track.

Archeology: Solve the ancient riddle

Keep an eye out for the rotating puzzle blocks behind certain checkpoints, then ride forwards off the button when the combination you want has moved into position. For the first one, you want the top section to be Green + Red.

At the next block, you want the middle section to be Red + Yellow.

The final block needs to read Yellow + Green on the bottom section, though this may already be locked into place when you get there.

Now finish the track to complete the Challenge.

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The Greater Crater 

1, 2, 3.: Stand on your back wheel at each of the 3 red lights to turn them green

When you reach the first light, you need to balance in a wheelie position on top of it for around five seconds to turn it green.

Do the same for the second light...

...and the third to complete the Challenge.

Welcome to Warp Zone 4!: Find and complete the warp zone!

At the start of the track, reverse into the missile to launch it over the rocks ahead.

Now drop down the gap between rocks after the first checkpoint and roll back into the portal that has appeared.

You'll be transported to the final warp zone, which is incredibly difficult to clear--good luck!

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