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Trials Fusion Challenges guide

Urban Sprawl 

Skyscraper Showdown 

Goal-Line Technology: Get the Fusion ball over the finish line

Back up onto the switch at the start of the track to create the Fusion ball, which you then need to push all the way to the finish. Try to lean forward and keep your front end down where possible, or you risk running over the top of the ball.

The ball won't bounce if it lands on a slope, which can be useful for controlling it after jumps. Don't let it get too far ahead either, or it'll drop off the end of the next ramp.

Be patient and you'll eventually get it to the finish. If you bail or Return to Last Checkpoint the ball disappears, meaning you'll have to restart and try again.

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Park and Ride 

Bring Out the Blimp!: Grab the blimp!

Aim to bailout from the jump by the river around 37-40 seconds, as you see the blimp approaching overhead.

Keep pushing forward on the stick and holding Y/Triangle to grab the billboard hanging under the blimp, then wait for the cutscene to appear.

Game, Set, Match: Win a game of tennis...

Stop your bike completely on the tennis court to trigger the minigame.

In this tennis match you're always receiving and can only hit with your 'bat' on one side, using the throttle trigger to return ball. Hold left or right after hitting the ball to aim--try to put it away from your opponent or on the opposite side to their bat. First to 9 points wins.

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Blimp My Ride 

Prep the Artillery: Switch on the 3 cannons and shoot down the blimp!

The first switch can be found by reversing down the ramp at the start of the track.

For the second switch, drop down from the platform marked with the number 4 to land on the small floating platform ahead, then wait for it to lift you up to this ramp.

The third switch is tucked on the front lip of the final jump. After hitting all three of them, complete the track to activate the cannons.

No Place to Hide: Collect at least 35 squirrel signs to reveal the squirrels!

At the start of the track, reverse back down the ramp to trigger the switch.

Now ride carefully to the front edge of the ramp ahead to turn the lights from red to green, but roll backwards again instead of jumping off.

Keep going backwards to find a new platform has appeared, and rolling onto it will make a set of squirrel signs appear throughout the track.

Now complete a faultless run of the track, collecting at least 35 squirrel signs along the way, and the squirrels will be revealed.

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Marina Mania 

Abandon Ship!: Free the boat full of explosives in time to sink the passing ship

Make your way quickly down the course, then once you reach the dock you need to drop off the end of the unit you land on to break the rope below to trigger a cutscene.

If you got there in time, the boat will race across the water and explode under the bridge to bring down the passing ship.

Climb-actic: Hold a wheelie for the duration of climbing up the rope

Jump from the ramp then wheelie up this rope to the deck of the ship, ensuring your front wheel doesn't touch down at any point.

If your wheel does touch down, hit Return to Last Checkpoint to go back to the ramp and try again--you can have as many attempts as you like.

Welcome to Warp Zone 2!: Find and complete the warp zone!

When you land on the hanging pipe, let the front end see-saw back down then drop onto the island below the bridge.

Hit the warp portal that appears when you approach the island.

Make your way over this tough obstacle course to reach the warp portal at the other end--you may need the Pit Viper bike to complete this.

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