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Total Film's All-American Issue is on sale now!

The latest issue of Total Film is available now.

We're celebrating all things American in Issue 182, with cover star Chris Evans leading the charge as Captain America.

As well as chatting to Evans on the set of Marvel's WW2 epic, we also hook up with his co-star Hayley Atwell, the latest Brit to go stellar stateside.

Plus, we discuss Red State with Kevin Smith, Jason Segel gives us the lowdown on The Muppets and Jason Momoa talks about becoming Conan.

As part of our salute to the USA, we round up the greatest all-American heroes, the finest movie presidents, the coolest high-schoolers and much more.

On top of all that, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost talk us through their favourite road movies and Anjelica Huston sits down for the TF interview.

The new issue of Total Film is out now!

To buy Total Film Magazine Issue 182, click here .