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This is what we learned from the For Honor beta

The For Honor beta has ended, and we have a scant few hours to collect our thoughts before the full game goes live on Valentine's Day. Which factions and classes cleaned up and how did all those new players fare against seasoned alpha/closed beta veterans? Read on for some collected wisdom from the bellowing head choppers at Reddit's r/ForHonor (opens in new tab).

Ubisoft needs to be really careful about Faction Wars 

Ubisoft stopped counting the results for the big, platform-spanning Faction War earlier than players expected and everybody got really mad. Well, everybody who wasn't the Knights anyway - they won! Each side quickly came up with an explanation for why their particular faction should have reigned supreme instead: the Viking battlecry quickly became 17+7, a reference to the territories they gained after the count was already closed. Meanwhile, the Samurai booted up their copy of Microsoft Excel to prove they were most dominant overall...

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It's doubtful that Ubisoft will go back on the announcement now no matter whose math you favor. Maybe the company should just give the extra victory goodies to everybody so the Vikings and Samurai don't revolt...

Raiders seem pretty good

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But Conquerors have this going on

The learning curve is a bit uneven

I can personally vouch for this one from previous beta experience. Though to be honest I don't think I ever got to that upward curving part...

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There is Honor in For Honor (sometimes)

Some dueling etiquette (opens in new tab) is already emerging among For Honor players: next time you're playing an elimination mode and you beat your rival, don't immediately rush in to help your teammates finish off their opponents. Stand a safe distance back and cheer them on instead! Of course, you shouldn't expect everyone to be so For Honor-able - remain vigilant even as you spectate.

For Honor will be out tomorrow so you won't have to wait long to put all of this beta wisdom into practice. Until then, keep pelvic thrusting.

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