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This is what it will look like to play Gears of War 3

For a game that's stillnearlya year from release, and almost a week from its big E3 showcase, it's surprising how much we've already seen of Gears 3. Not just logos, concept paintings and character art, but dozens of screens revealing everything from COG mechs, female Gears and Thrashball stadiums to Locust tanks and mutant beanstalks. Check out ourhuge story last week, detailing all of theseepic new additions to the franchise.

Today, however, brings something more exciting. More real. Today is not about carefully-posed, Photoshop-cleaned imagery. Today, we've got screens of what Gears 3 will actually look like when you actually play it in April 2011.

These clearly aren't finalized, but they do give you an idea of what in-game action will look and feel like when Gears of War 3 releases. Over-the-shoulder perspective, ammo counter HUD, co-op buddy to the side and enemies running at you from the front.

If you'd rather ooh and aah over the more deceptive and wallpaper-worthy stuff, though, we've got more of that too. And if you want to see any of these at full size, just head over to our Gears of War 3 screen gallery,located here.

Jun 9, 2010

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