There’s no escaping Resident Evil 2’s Mr X, even in PUBG Mobile


Someone had the bright idea to mix the battle royale adrenaline of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with Resident Evil 2, and it turns out people really like it. PUBG Mobile got a new, special Survive Till Dawn mode at the end of last month, and PUBG Mobile studio Tencent says the collaboration has been a huge success. 

"We knew this new Survive Till Dawn mode would be a hit, but didn't imagine the incredible reactions from the fans and the gaming media," said Tencent's Vincent Wang. 

"Our designers got the details just right, by creating a mode where players dread nightfall because the classic Resident Evil zombies and main characters come out to wreak mayhem."

The special mode adds zombies, the Tyrant, the Licker, G1, and recognizable character skins like Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, with the undead becoming more aggressive as the game moves from daylight to dusk. 

The company hasn't shared what a 'hit' means in this day of microtransactions and free-to-play, but PUBG Mobile already had serious numbers: around 30 million daily active users and 200 million downloads. Hard to believe Resident Evil 2's smelly shufflers wouldn't bring even more players to the mobile spin-off. 

"The Zombie mode puts emphasis on survival. It is immensely enjoyable and very well-done," said Resident Evil 2's producer Tsuyoshi Kanda. "The characters and zombies from Resident Evil 2 were also faithfully restored in the mode." 

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