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The Week In Sci-Fi


Putting every last drop of his criminal genius to work on a suitably preposterous plan, the Penguin turns restaurateur in his latest attempt to thwart Gotham’s finest in Batman , on at 2:50pm on ITV4.

It’s sci-fi season for the next fortnight on Sky Movies Showcase HD – proceedings kick off tonight with Terminator 2 at 8pm followed by Terminator Salvation at 10:20pm.

There’s a national disaster looming in The Event , continuing on Channel 4 at 11:05pm.


More Adam West action (and why not, we say) in his feature length Batman , 6:55pm on Film4.

The Powells and their powers continue doing their superhuman thing in No Ordinary Family , over on Sky Living at 8pm.

No matter what came later on, the first Matrix movie rocked harder than a rock star in the Rockies. Catch it tonight on ITV1 at 10:35pm.


The Witches Of Oz Part One , in which a grown up and successful Dorothy realises she has suppressed some seriously strange stuff from her childhood, makes its debut on Syfy at 8pm.

Chuck -ites, your time is now as season four rolls on over on Sky Living from 8.

Parallel universe pandemonium continues in Fringe on Sky One from 10pm.

They’re among us, and they’re nasty buggers to boot. V continues on Syfy from 9pm.

Bats gets a 21st century makeover courtesy of Christopher Nolan in Batman Begins , ITV2 at 10:45pm.


Comic lovers might want to head over to Forbidden Planet in London today to catch Andy Diggle, Jamie Delano and Jock signing Rat Catcher and Hellblazer: Pandemonium (details here ).

Jake Gyllenhaal will twist your melon (man) in Donnie Darko , BBC1 at 12am.


It’s Doctor Who Day at Forbidden Planet stores across the country, including Birmingham, Cambridge, Liverpool, Bristol and Coventry. Whovian-based prizes are up for grabs, and you can even meet a Dalek (head here for details).

Lazy, unfocussed and smelling slightly of wee – a bit like an actual cat, then - Catwoman slinks into view at 2:35pm on ITV1.

Marty McFly returns to make Saturday afternoon a magical time for us all in Back To The Future Part II , on ITV2 at 5:35pm.

Tim Burton fantasy Edward Scissorhands snips into view on Film4 at 7:00pm. The question is, how did that guy pee?

Hugh Jackman dons a slightly silly hat and becomes Van Helsing on ITV2 at 9:30pm.


Make your Sunday afternoon a thing of beauty by rounding off the trilogy – Back To The Future Part III hits ITV2 at 5:45pm.

Mike Mignola’s comic masterpiece comes to life in the really rather wonderful Hellboy on Channel Five at 7:40pm.

Sunday nights are suddenly looking like an exciting prospect again as The Walking Dead groans into view on Channel Five at 10pm.