The Top 7… Games you don’t want for Christmas 2010

Your good-intentioned relative thought: Everyone’s talking about a new James Bond game, right? This must be it. And it’s got Daniel Craig on the cover, so it must go along with that new Bond movie I haven’t heard about.

Why you don’t want it: Trying to enjoyBlood Stoneis like trying to squeeze that first word from the second one. You'd rather have a new Bond film, even if it were only as good as Quantum of Solace. Not only do you not get that, you get a mediocre game.

It seems like Activision dumped this license on Bizarre Creations to find an excuse to shut the studio down, because something went horribly wrong. Yeah, we included Blur, another Bizarre game, on this list, but not because it was bad. It was good.This one was bad.

Instead of taking the time to explain why it's bad, which would be boring, here:

hey guise nice waterfall.

y u no hear me? I says nice waterfall.

u mad?

oh hey keanu reeves.

u sad keanu?





Unless… You’ve got a thing for Joss Stone likenesseswith microfiber skin.

Ill sex u.

u has protection?


Your good-intentioned relative thought: It’s that music game, with the instruments. It comes in a big box and it’s expensive. Sold!

No, you know what? They weren't thinking. They just weren't thinking.

Why you don’t want it:Thegame is bad. The instruments are really bad. Even the boxart is bad.And who the hell decided "six-string" should be one word with intercaps?

You wanted Rock Band 3, obviously.

Unless… You hate games, music, and life.

Above: Herpa derpa drumma


kill him with bees.



Dec 20, 2010

Let's pray this is as bad as it gets

This game's busted. Let's add some boobs

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